Four tips for community management

Community management tips

In social networks, good community management can be worth its weight in goldWe show you how our digital F&B agency approaches that topic.

Interesting social media content with catchy images and meaningful captions is the foundation of a successful online presence on Facebook or Instagram. But content management is only half the battle. Professional social advertising and community management are also essential for a convincing digital concept. After all, community management is a key tool for building and maintaining long-term and successful customer relationships. 

As a digital PR agency, we have years of experience in the field of social media marketing and help you build lasting relationships around your brand and products. 

What exactly does community management entail? 

Simply put, community management is how companies stay in touch with their customers on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. With digital PR agency Click Connection, we offer, in addition to content management and social ads, the following services for your digital strategy: 

  • Moderating discussions 
  • Answering specific questions, whether under social media posts or via direct message 
  • Creating community guidelines 
  • Dealing with trolls or small shitstorms 

This allows you to enter into direct dialogue with both existing and new customers, which in turn has a positive effect on brand awareness. By analyzing the community, we identify changing user needs and derive new marketing strategies. By maintaining a good relationship with your followers, you can benefit from their first-hand feedback. We support you with our digital expertise in F&B PR, lifestyle PR and hotel PR and take charge of your community management from A to Z. 

Four tips for efficient community management 
  1. Quick response times to questions

Followers who have to wait a long time or, in the worst case, receive no feedback at all regarding their concerns become impatient. They feel they’re not being taken seriously and jump ship in favor of competitors. As community managers for our customers in the culinary, FMCG, travel and lifestyle industries, we therefore respond quickly to every question. As a rule of thumb, questions on Facebook should not go unanswered for more than two hours. Sometimes a simple “We’ll take care of it” is enough at first, which buys time to gather your thoughts and prepare further information. 

  1. Consistent wording

As a digital PR agency, we’re always in close communication with our social media clients. In this context it’s particularly important to us to present the company uniformly to the outside world in terms of language and positioning. This conveys authenticity in community management and creates trust. It makes sense to work out some kind of guideline and wording with the client in advance in which all regulations – from the way of addressing to phrasing and hashtags – are defined. 

  1. Netiquette as the basis for respectful interaction

Discrimination, insults and hostility should have no place on social media, but in reality, users may not always face each other constructively and politely. It’s important to directly enforce clear rules and not tolerate inappropriate behavior. In order to avoid starting over each time, we establish a netiquette. Our experience as an F&B PR agency shows that de-escalation helps, but: don’t feed the troll! 

  1. Be understanding and accept criticism 

The goal of community management is to establish and maintain close contact with users. It’s therefore essential to listen carefully and not only respond to queries and problems, but also to observe the mood among the followers. Repeated criticism or requests within the community should be taken seriously and forwarded to the relevant department. 

Professional digital F&B agency as a strong partner 

As experts in the field of F&B social media marketing, we help our customers in building up their social media presence in a sustainable and professional manner. In addition to community management, we also provide support in the areas of content management, targeting and social advertising. Contact us here! 

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