Food and travel influencer relations

Warum Influencer Relations wichtig für die gelungene Online-Kommunikation sind und wie Sie als Unternehmen davon profitieren können.

Why are professional influencer relations important for successful online communications? Our F&B agency shows how to benefit from it. 

These days, influencer relations are an integral part of the online relations marketing mix. Especially in the F&B industry and in the lifestyle sector, you often see collaborations with social media personalities. That’s a good decision, as influencers enjoy their community’s trust, are credible and therefore real opinion leaders. With our F&B, travel and lifestyle agency we show you how to promote your brand or product with this form of online relations and demonstrate important steps of the campaign setup. 

Digital and industry power with our specialized F&B PR agency

How? With our experienced F&B agency team by your side, you benefit from powerful digital expertise in online marketing, social media and the like, and at the same time, years of industry experience in the high-end culinary sector, travel and lifestyle industry.    

What does influencer relations mean?  

The term social media influencer is not legally protected. In principle, anyone is an influencer who has a channel on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and publicly posts about their everyday life or gives out product recommendations. The name says it all: an influencer influences other people. Especially when it comes to culinary topics, there are countless food blogs, but also Instagram or Facebook accounts that deal with the latest recipes, food, kitchen equipment or drinks. This is where our content marketing begins. 

Why should influencers be of high priority in PR? 

Working with influencers is not just a short-lived trend. Companies that practice influencer relations as part of their digital PR can address target groups that they might never have reached with regular advertising campaigns. Influencers usually maintain a very personal relationship with their community, are opinion leaders and trendsetters. This is a clear advantage for food PR, lifestyle PR and travel PR. If an influencer speaks positively about a product, their recommendation has a deep impact and thus potential for company’s success.   

Authentic collaborations  

When planning an influencer campaign for our clients, authenticity is particularly important to us. Our PR agency values long-term collaborations, usually over several years, and we make sure that the influencer is truly convinced of our client’s product from the F&B sector, hotel industry or gastronomy. That way they can pass on the benefits to their followers in a credible way. In contrast to ads, advertorials and other elements of content marketing, this is not about booking advertising material, but about authentic relationships.  

The selection of potential cooperation partners in the social networks is large, especially in the lifestyle, food & beverage and tourism sectors. Can’t see the forest for the trees? Then call in a social media marketing professional! Our PR agency specialized on F&B, travel and lifestyle supports you in terms of campaign setup, content strategy and targeting.  

Here’s how Click Connection approaches an influencer campaign 

  • First of all, we define the campaign’s KPIs, because: there is no strategy without a goal.  
  • Next we define the audience we want to reach in order to find suitable channels. 
  • Another important step is the content strategy. Should the product be presented on a classic blog, in a YouTube video, a Facebook post, or perhaps rather as part of Instagram stories? The possibilities are almost endless – we’ll be happy to advise you. 
  • As a digital agency, we have long-standing contacts with influencers and bloggers. In the next step, we select suitable channels that are a perfect fit for your customers 
  • Key figures such as followers or reach do not play the main role for us when choosing a cooperation partner. A good brand fit is much more important. Nevertheless, it is key data that we have in mind and coordinate with you.  
  • Campaign conception: What kind of storytelling do we want? There are numerous approaches like unboxings, product tests or inviting the influencer to a press trip or a press event. Important in any case: unique content. 
  • The parameters are set, the influencer has been found and briefed: let’s go!  
  • The content is online? Great! But that’s not itLastly, wevaluate the results and control the overall performance. 

Real added value through influencer marketing  

We have been working successfully with influencers from food & beverage, travel and lifestyle backgrounds for many yearsIn doing so, partnerships on equal terms are particularly important to us, since they have positive impacon our clients’ content. As a digital food and beverage agency, we define KPIs for your influencer campaigns, we select partners that are a perfect fit for you, and we develop exciting and profitable collaborations.  

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