Targeting and optimization

With organic content, you can reach customers who already like your social media accounts and provide them with regular info about your brand or product. Creative and well-structured content management is the foundation of social media marketing and helps build customer relationships. 

As a PR and digital agency for F&B, travel and lifestyle, we support you in the following areas: 

  • Creation and maintenance  
  • Development of tailor-made content 
  • Strategic advice on all matters relating to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest  

This also includes organic and paid targeting, status and competitor analysis and performance optimization. Here are a few questions to start with: what is your status quo in the area of paid, earned and owned media? What’s important to your target group? How about your competitors? What can we do to further position your brand on social media? There are numerous possibilities in the area of targeting and optimization.


The basis for successful social media posts: organic targeting 

As for organic targeting, we individually consider age, location or personal interests in order to boost your campaigns. This is particularly relevant for location or agebased content and reduces divergence loss. Something we also take into account is the right timing. Before posting, we have a close look at your target group’s social media habits and pre-plan the posts accordingly. 

For those who want to step up their game, we also offer professional advice in the area of paid social media targeting. Our experience shows that organic posts are not always enough if you want to get the most out of your Facebook or Instagram accounts.


Maximum success through paid targeting 

Paid targeting allows you to tap into a large group of potential new customers. Thanks to several billion active monthly users, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn are the perfect stages for your message.


Definition of target groups and campaign setup 

We define targeted KPIs for you to maximize the success of your social media campaigns. As a digital agency and social media marketing specialists with years of experience in the F&B, lifestyle and travel sectors, we know exactly where you can reach your potential customers – and it shows! We also prepare basic channel set-up for you, as this is the keystone of every successful social strategy. 


Content formats from photo ads to carousel videos 

If you want to build up your social media channels in the long term, there is no getting around social ads and sponsored posts. There is an almost endless number of possibilities. 1:1, 4:5 or 16:9? Feed or messenger? We find the ideal placement for your campaign. In addition, we use standard optimization methods such as A/B tests to analyze which kind of ad formats, images, videos and texts go best with your community.


Performance monitoring and evaluation 

We offer our clients transparent and detailed reporting on all aspects of their social media ads. If you want to achieve something through social advertising, you have to constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns. This is a continuous process that requires a good eye for figures and details. As part of your tailor-made strategy, we support you in generating more clicks, leads and conversions and in getting the most out of your social ads.

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