Social media marketing 

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have several billion active users every month. Many people use them not only to stay in touch with their friends, but also to get inspiration regarding new brands or products. That’s why social media is ideal for both staying in touch with regular customers and reaching new target groups.   

Social media marketing has become an integral part of online communication in the 21st century. As a digital agency for food and lifestyle, we support our clients with customized online relations and help them establish or further expand social media platforms as part of their marketing mix. 


Why social media marketing? 

With a professional social media presence, you can reach exactly the kind of people that perfectly fit your target group. We support you with targeting and/or social ads, cultivate your image, increase the brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and generate more visibility. After all, it is your company’s core message we want to spread. 


Social media marketing for your target group 

Click Connection offers… 

  • many years of experience in the food & beverage sector, lifestyle and travel industries 
  • customized and individual strategy consulting 
  • channel set-up for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest 
  • development of a well-planned content plan  
  • creative storytelling 
  • content management 
  • community management 
  • social advertising and targeting 
  • channel and content monitoring 


Concept development for your social media strategy 

Before getting to work, we go through the following questions together: 

  • Which strategies and marketing tools match your agenda? 
  • How can we achieve the greatest possible outcome together? 
  • What kind of advertising suits your content? For example: photo ads, in-stream video ads, carousel posts or integration via Facebook messenger? 
  • Which KPIs do we want to focus on? 

We also have a close look at your (potential) target groups. Together, we take the following aspects into account: what kind of interests do your customers have? Which devices do they use? What about their age, residence and occupation? That’s valuable information and the cornerstone of any successful social media strategy. 


Target group relevant social media content and social ads 

Our social media experts develop a content strategy that perfectly suits you. In addition to relevant organic content, we also optimize your presence through social advertising, A/B testing, tracking, geo-focus or performance marketing. 

Possible goals: 

  • More traffic for your website 
  • An increased conversion rate 
  • Better interaction and visibility through comments, likes and shares 
  • Acquisition of new customer data 


Professional community management  

In addition to the continuous and active page management, we also support our clients with community management. This includes answering enquiries, moderating comments and posts. This way you can build positive long-term relationships with your followers or customers. We also support you in dealing with trolls or small shitstorms, give strategic advice and prepare sensible response options. 

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