Blogger and influencer relations

Influencer relations are an integral part of our communication services. From micro influencers to megastars there are many possible partners to choose from. We advise clients on how to integrate influencer relations into their digital concepts and support them in handling campaigns from A to Z. 


Influencer relations as part of your online strategy 

Especially in F&B communication, travel and lifestyle PR, working with influencers is an important part of our business. In contrast to classic print or online collaborations, influencer marketing thrives on authenticity and direct communication. Influencers usually maintain a very personal relationship with their community, are opinion leaders and set trends with their recommendations. This is a real advantage, especially in the context of food PR, lifestyle PR and travel PR. If an influencer credibly speaks about the advantages of a product or brand, the followers are positively influenced in their purchase decisions. 


Influencer relations from A to Z 

If you don’t want to go with the scattergun approach, you should think carefully about which target groups you want to address before choosing a possible cooperation partner. While parameters such as the average reach per post or number of likes are something to consider in the selection process, long-term partnerships and authentic links are much more important.  

An example: A manufacturer of high-quality cookware could achieve an enormous reach choosing a young influencer with more than one million followers and countless advertising deals per month. However, they would only reach their target group with great divergence losses. We therefore prefer to focus on long-term cooperation opportunities with (micro) influencers who are close to their communities and only work with businesses that really match their audience and content. 

As a digital agency, we know our way around the jungle of influencer marketing. We… 

  • prepare a target group analysis 
  • individually select influencers for your campaign from our contact pool 
  • strategically advise you on selecting suitable content formats 
  • arrange everything with your cooperation partners 
  • prepare a detailed report for you with all the important KPIs


Selected campaigns for your success 

When it comes to influencer marketing, an equal partnership is particularly important to us and also has a positive impact on the content. As a digital agency, we select influencers who are a perfect fit for you and develop exciting and profitable campaigns for your online relations. 

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